About Us

Welcome to the Team PiDrogen website.

We are a family from Honiton in the UK who like to build robots for entering PiWars competitions.

Phil (Dad) is team captain and designer of our robots. 

Juliet (Mum) is procurement and communications officer. And chief merch model.

Nathan is our chief driver and secret advantage in the radio-controlled disciplines.  Nathan’s enthusiastic driving style inadvertently makes him the chief tester too.

This is Nathan with his first place trophy for driving in 2019’s Spirit of Curiosity

Callum is the inventor of the team name “PiDrogen” (rhymes with hydrogen).

Callum doesn’t like seeing his picture online, so here is a picture of his favourite cat, Tabitha.

Team PiDrogen are the very proud winners of the Advanced category in 2019, and also in the 2021 games (by a gnat’s whisker).

In 2022, it was our turn to be beaten by a gnat’s whisker (MOo+ scored 9926 points, we scored 9826). Damn! Oh well, will need to try harder in 2023!

Here is our very lovely trophy from 2019!

PiWars 2022 is finished. Here is a link to the results. See here for details of the robot we built for the competition.

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