Nature’s Bounty Apple Picker

The apple picker

This is the apple picker that was constructed to play the PiWars2022 Nature’s Bounty Game.

Apples (red table tennis balls) were attached to the tree by magnets.

The unit is a gantry carrying five similar apple pickers. Each picker has a prong which knocks the apple from the tree, into the chute below. The four corner pickers can collect two apples, the centre one has a longer chute so can collect four.

The centre picker has a camera mounted behind it which is used to guide the robot onto the centre apple of each branch. A micro-switch informs the robot when it has pressed against the tree.

What you lookin’ at?

During game play the robot drives to a position facing the branch of the tree using the odometry system. Then visual guidance is used to direct the gantry until it presses against the branch of the tree. After a short pause the robot backs away before moving on to the next branch.

Here is the video we submitted for this game:

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