Pi Wars 2021 at Home: The Results

That’s it, the competition is finished and the results are in. And I’m thrilled to announce that we won the Advanced category!

We had so much fun competing; we really hope there’s another competition soon, and we really hope it can be done in person!

Here’s a link to the full results of all teams. There are two sets of results: we took part in the 11th July competition.

Below are links to various videos. To start with, there are the videos we submitted for the competition, then there are some videos that were filmed by P21’s camera.

Technical and Artistic Merit
Feed the Fish
Tidy Up the Toys
Up the Garden Path
DIY Obstacle Course

This is the Obstacle Course run (the same run as presented above) as filmed by P21. The recording software marks up the video with the robot forward speed (in large characters at the bottom), the pitch and roll (presented as an artificial horizon, pitch angle in the middle, roll to the right), heading (top left) and battery voltage (top right). The drop off the trailer at the end of the run appears to kill the IMU readout.

It might be best to avoid this video if you suffer from motion sickness: you have been warned!

The Obstacle Course run from P21’s camera point of view

One of the Obstacle Course runs went wrong. The robot bounced on the edge of the ridge tiles and flipped onto it’s back. It slid down the roof and fell to the ground. Amazingly, the robot survived and was still able to drive. However, an encoder connection to a motor broke, so one wheel would only stop or run fully backwards or fully forwards. This is P21’s take on the incident, although perhaps it’s not ideal for you if you suffer from motion sickness:

P21Cam view of a fall from the roof

Finally, this is P21’s view of Tidy Up the Toys. This video was saved on a PC via WiFi. As a result, many frames were lost, so the video runs too quickly- the timing is out. However, it is the same run that was submitted for the competition (as shown above).

Tidy Up the Toys by P21’s camera
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