PiDrojon Deer

The theme for 2022’s PiWars competition is “Old McDoofus had a farm” (Doofus is the name of the little red robot logo for the competition). With this in mind, this page introduces PiDrojon Deer (PJD), our design for PiWars 2022 at Home.

We decided to try a tracked chassis this year at the request of our team driver.  He also requested that we make the robot “look cool”, so we have paid much more attention to the robot’s aesthetics.

We think this machine would be entirely right on “Old McDoofus’s” farm.

PJD has been completely designed in Fusion 360.  The caterpillar tracks are made from Lego parts, but the rest of the chassis will be 3D printed.



Doof’s new tractor


The robot has a front facing Raspberry Pi camera (just below the Pi logo; look closely), a time-of-flight sensor (at the base of the radiator) and a speaker for sound effects.

The front loader has a pair of high-torque servos to lift it. It will be one
of the attachment points for the game specific implements.

The motors from P21 will be tried initially. Only two are used, and tracks normally require lots of torque to make turns, so the mechanism includes a 4:1 speed reduction. The track sprockets have a built-in crown gear which takes the drive from the motor; this will be an experiment in the longevity of 3D printing a stressed component.



This year we have paid more attention to our robot’s aesthetics. Some of the track and engine details can be seen in this image.

We’re not sure if that’s a toolkit or a lunch box next to Doof at the moment.



What? Diesel power?




I bet that number plate was expensive.


Another game implement attachment point is located on the back of the chassis. This is intended to be used for a tow hitch; we’re thinking of using a trailer for the obstacle course.

Although they’re not shown in the design, we will be using Lego rubber studs to improve the grip from the tracks.

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