Up the Garden Path

In this game the robot must follow a predefined path. Maximum points are earned when the robot combines camera guidance for line following in conjunction with audio commands.

The image below shows the details of the route.

The route for Up the Garden Path

In an effort to maximise the points earned, we decided to use camera based line following with spoken words used to indicate the direction to go at junctions; this feels satisfyingly similar to giving a human driver verbal directions to describe a route.

In the final version of this system the directions given are “go, straight, right, left”. The robot can also interpret “return” which sends it back to the start position.

P19 and P20 have software for following a line based on camera images. But this software does not have the ability to understand junctions; and the Up the Garden Path course has junctions.

The code had to be re-written for PiWars@Home (and therefore P21). See this blog post for details of how the new software works.

Details of the voice control system are in this post.

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