We flyin!

We’ve made a lot of progress today:

  • We’ve designed a new and (hopefully) improved back axle component, cut it on the Exeter Fab Lab laser cutter and fitted it.  So we now have a fully functional PiDrogen1.
  • Then we paired the radio control transmitter we borrowed from a friend to PiDrogen2.  So now we can drive both robots simultaneously.  This is going to be ideal for tomorrow’s marble obstacle course at The House of Marbles.
  • Then Phil got his Python 3 install working on his Mac.  Using this he wrote his first Python GUI using tkinter. (Well, when we say “wrote” we really mean “copied off the Tinterweb”).
  • Then that same Python app shockingly worked on our RPi via it’s touch screen.  The amount of excitement this caused in Phil seems to suggest that his Geekosity has reached new heights.
  • During all this we managed to blog our exploits with the back axle.
    …Juliet did her first ever head stand at the gym!

Like I said, “We Flyin'”.

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