Up the Garden Path Progress

I’ve done quite a lot of work on UTGP over the last couple of weeks.

To start with I made the course.

Then I used our 2019 line following code to time the course under vision control.  This code doesn’t know about junctions, so I made it work as follows:

  1. Set the odometer to count down a fixed distance and stop.  The distance set is 50mm short of the next junction.
  2. Follow the line until the odometer says stop.
  3. Drive 50mm without video guidance on the heading that was last specified by the line follower.
  4. Turn to the exit heading of the junction (as measured by the IMU).
  5. Drive 50mm without guidance on the new heading.
  6. Go to 1.

This method is a mixture of dead-reckoning and camera guidance so I’m not sure what points it would attract in the games.  However, it is a “time on the board”.  The best times are around 16 seconds, but it’s quite hard to measure.

I then set to work on updating the line following code to interpret junctions.  I’ll be back soon to explain how that’s going.

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