There’s at least some progress…

You may recall (from our last blog) that our first objective is to make PiDrogen smaller.  To that end Dad has been busy with Fusion360 designing P20; here’s a screen capture…

The good news is that the design is well under way and it is about 20mm narrower than P19.

P19 was a mixture of 3D printed parts and laser cut acrylic, but since we now have a 3D printer, we thought we’d try 3D printing the whole thing and the design takes that into account.  This is a good opportunity to try this since there’s still time to start again if we have to.  Once we have the chassis components printed we will install radio control then the boys can “test” the chassis.  Hopefully it will last longer than the original P19 chassis which had a broken back axle within about 10 minutes of Nathan at the controls.

As I said, that’s the good news.  But there’s also bad news; the new design is currently longer than P19 (by about 20mm).  Oh well, back to the drawing board, sorry, CAD.


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