CAD, CAD and more CAD.


Don’t you just love Fusion 360!

Still Dad continues with the design.  As you can see the barrel grab has been worked on.  It uses two micro servos, one to open and close the jaws and the other to lift the barrel (by about 10mm).  We’d love to cut the jaws from aluminium (because they’d look amazing), but I guess we’ll make do with 3D printed.

We’ve added a couple of sideways facing time of flight (ToF) sensors to help with the maze.  We only used a front mounted ToF last year because we could correct any turn errors by targeting the alien faces with the camera, but camera feedback looks less viable with the new maze game.  Dad’s a little nervous about this; last year the ToF caused a world of problems until he dropped an arduino between it and the RPi.  He never really got to the bottom of why it was unreliable, but we do at least have a work-around if we need it.

We’ve also got a rather natty camera mount.  We want to be able to mount the camera high above the chassis for Eco-Disaster and Minesweeper but right on the deck for all the other games.  So we’ve 3D printed a camera mount that can be unclipped, then clipped back together with an extension piece inserted.  This took three versions to get right; it’s not as easy as it sounds!

Oh, and yes, we’ve managed to loose the extra length in the design that was troubling us last week.  Happy days!

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