Nature’s Bounty Update

There’s been some progress this week on Nature’s Bounty. The Apple picker has been printed and assembled, and the game play code has been written.

After some (read “a lot of”) adjustments we managed to get a video of the robot picking 24 (of a possible 36) apples within the allowed 5 minutes.

There’s still work to do though:

  • Sometimes the apple picker knocks some of the apples to the floor, other times an apple remains on the tree. We are going to try further adjustment  to the design of the “fork” to make things more reliable. 
  • The number of apples picked isn’t all that clear on the video. I think we will unload the apples into a container so that they can easily be seen and counted by the judges on future videos. 
  • Finally we will create a second set of apples (i.e. glue washers to ping-pong balls). As with Feed the Cattle, the manual preparation of the game is a big proportion of the entire length of the video. You need the mindset of an F1 pit crew for PiWars 2022!

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