Arena Props

As you know (hopefully), we have made a big effort with the aesthetic aspects of our robot this year.  However, we have also tried to make our arena and game pieces look the part too.  Here are some details…

The Arena

There’s a slightly cartoon look to PJD, so we have carried that through into the arena decorations.  We downloaded some cartoon tree images then created landscape images for the back two walls of the arena.  Exeter FabLab has a large format printer that was able to print the images 300mm high and 1,500mm long.

Images for the back two walls of the arena.

Nature’s Bounty

Simon, who is more artistic than the other members of the team, painted the Nature’s Bounty tree for us:

The Apple Tree

Shepherd’s Pi

We decided to make a “net” to make the decorate the sheep cuboids.  To achieve this, we created a 3D model of a cartoon sheep in Fusion 360 then took an image from each direction.  These were stitched together with some sky and grass and printed. The sheep cuboids are 3D printed in white PLA, then the paper nets were glued on with PVA.

The wolves were just a straight download from the internet.  Again, the standee structures were printed in PLA and the image attached with PVA.

3D Model of a Sheep
Side and top elevations projected from the model
Do you think the sheep looks nervous?

Feed the Cattle

The trough parts rendered by Fusion 360

Some aged, cartoonish planks were modelled in Fusion 360 then constructed into a face of the correct dimensions for the troughs.  The same face was printed in blue PLA for each face of the trough.  A red band was printed in PLA for the half-full line, then the whole lot glued together.

A finished trough

Hopefully we’ve made the game pieces look nice, now all we need to do is get the games working properly!

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