YACA5 Update

Sorry!  I forgot to update the blog on the new catapult arm. (See my previous blog entry).

Sadly, it didn’t make a difference on the Feed the Fish game.  But I’ll explain it anyway.

Nerf Rival balls are obviously made with a mold which has two hemispherical parts.  It is clear to see the seam where the two parts come together.  The balls also have dimples like a golf ball.  YACA5 has slots so that the ball seams can be aligned with the flight path.  I wondered if aligning then might make them fly more consistently.

As I said, it doesn’t.

However, I have realised that not all Nerf Rival balls are born equal.  I test fired 40 balls 10 times each.  Some balls were on target 10 times.  One ball only flew correctly 4 times out of 10.

Perhaps the best hint I can give here is this: test your balls and pick the best!

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