Progress Update

He’s not naked. He just needs a respray.

The chaps at PiWars HQ want an update… So, here it is in a blog post.

PJD Mk1 has been built with some temporary electronics (which allow it to be driven by RC). We’ve been driving it around; and basically it works fine. Even the slightly risky 3D printed crown gears seem to be holding up.

But all is not well. It’s too slow. Which should have been obvious since the track units include a 4:1 reduction ratio.

Therefore Mk2 is on the drawing board / CAD system. It will use four independent motors (thereby allowing the use of mecanum wheels), with a direct drive onto the tracks, so it will drive at the same speed as P21. This will be fast enough.

There is one further problem: some of the components we planned to use for the electronics have a five month lead! Team PiDrogen is a victim of the global chip shortage. :0( Looks like we will have to come up with a different design.

Now, where’s the tin of red paint?

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