PJD is ready for the farm!

We’ve reached a major milestone.  PJD is ready for the competition!  Well, the base robot is ready, but none of the game specific parts or game specific software have been done yet. Take a look here to see more details. Getting that video wasn’t all that easy.  We ended up writing software to keep DoofusContinue reading “PJD is ready for the farm!”

PJD’s Robot Control Board

When I was building P21 I promised myself that I would not build another circuit on stripboard.  As a result, I started designing PJD’s control board in KiCAD.  But then I realised that large amounts of the circuit were untested, and I wondered if I might design a lovely shinny new PCB that wouldn’t workContinue reading “PJD’s Robot Control Board”

Mk2 Chassis

Back in December we blogged that our Mk1 chassis was too slow, so we had started development of Mk2. Well, here it is! In this design, the motors drive the track sprockets directly, with no reduction gearing. This results in a top speed of 1.2m/s; the same as P21. Hopefully that will be fast enough.Continue reading “Mk2 Chassis”

PiWars 2022 at Home; We’re In!

Hmm, possibly a bit behind the curve for this post but…  We’ve been accepted into PiWars 2022 at Home!  Wahoo, here we go again! :0) And here’s the robot we plan to build for the competition: For context, the theme of this year’s competition is “Old McDoofus had a farm” (Doofus is the name ofContinue reading “PiWars 2022 at Home; We’re In!”