So there’s good news and bad news…

The good news is that Nathy has been doing some driving practice in preparation for tomorrow’s “marble test” at the House of Marbles. The bad news is that PiDrogen1 has suffered a structural failure: The back axle, which is made from 3mm acrylic, has cracked. It is the first victim of Nathy’s enthusiastic driving style.Continue reading “So there’s good news and bad news…”

How about a tracked chassis?

At team PiDrogen we can’t make up our minds whether we like wheels or tracks best.  So we decided to try both.  Our wheeled chassis works nicely and we’ve had lots of fun driving that around.  So now we have cobbled together a prototype track unit from the Lynxmotion 2in track components that we pickedContinue reading “How about a tracked chassis?”