The Tidy Up the Toys Challenge

We have progress to report on the Tidy Up the Toys challenge. To begin with we thought we would adapt our Eco Disaster barrel lifter (shown below) for the tidy up the toys challenge. However, this has a few shortcomings: We ended up designing a new lift system; see below: The new design addresses theContinue reading “The Tidy Up the Toys Challenge”

Getting ready for PiWars@Home

So, what about all these new challenges then?  The new challenges for PiWars at Home were announced at the start of September 2020.  As in previous competitions, there are several ways to perform each challenge with differing amounts of points available for each approach.  We will make every effort to gain maximum points for eachContinue reading “Getting ready for PiWars@Home”

Hmm. One step forward, two back.

We built some electronics.  This is an Arduino Beetle driving four Pololu motor drivers (which are based on MAX14870 chips).  The lower board (which you can’t really see) holds a couple of DC-DC converters which convert our 4S LiPo voltage down to a nice smooth 5.2v for the Pi and the other electronic bits.  TheContinue reading “Hmm. One step forward, two back.”

Test chassis takes shape

Since our last blog post our test chassis has transitioned from the CAD world into the real world.  This chassis incorporates loads of experimental features: It is all 3D printed.  Last year’s robot (“P19”) was mainly laser cut acrylic which turns out to be quite brittle.  So we’ll see if PLA can stand Nathan (whoContinue reading “Test chassis takes shape”