A vital part of PJD is now working

Work on PJD is gathering pace. Another vital piece of the robot has been completed and is working. Now that’s done, work can start on the lower priority stuff. *I would like to say that no robots were hurt in the making of this component. However, a certain Hexbug from PiDrogen HQ has had betterContinue reading “A vital part of PJD is now working”

PiWars 2022 at Home; We’re In!

Hmm, possibly a bit behind the curve for this post but…  We’ve been accepted into PiWars 2022 at Home!  Wahoo, here we go again! :0) And here’s the robot we plan to build for the competition: For context, the theme of this year’s competition is “Old McDoofus had a farm” (Doofus is the name ofContinue reading “PiWars 2022 at Home; We’re In!”

P21 Ready for Sidmouth Science Festival

We’ve finished the new game that we mentioned in this post. It’s a kind of desktop variant of Tidy Up the Toys. Take a look: So, hopefully, P21 is ready for the Sidmouth Science Festival. We’ll be in the Kennaway House Cellar Bar between 10:00 and 16:00 on the 16th October 2021. Come and sayContinue reading “P21 Ready for Sidmouth Science Festival”

Is this the cause of P21’s dodgy wheel?

P21 has had a dicky back wheel since it fell off the roof during filming of the Obstacle Course for PiWars at Home. The motor runs, but the speed is not well controlled, so I assume the problem is related to the encoder. After the competiton I dismantled the back axle, reseated the connectors, andContinue reading “Is this the cause of P21’s dodgy wheel?”