PJD is ready for the farm!

We’ve reached a major milestone.  PJD is ready for the competition!  Well, the base robot is ready, but none of the game specific parts or game specific software have been done yet.

Take a look here to see more details.

Getting that video wasn’t all that easy.  We ended up writing software to keep Doofus looking at the camera and to raise and lower the front loader through a turn (all based on the heading as reported by the IMU).  That bit all worked fine.

To start with, the software also instructed the robot to start a 360o turn when the ToF detected a hand close to the front of the robot.  But a request for a 360 just results in an immediate report of turn finished; doh!

So, we did the turn by radio control, but with Doofus and the front loader controlled by the IMU.  Anyway, video made = happy days!

Now it’s time to print a sheep.

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