A New Catapult for Feed the Fish

Back in November I made this design for Feed the Fish. At the time, I was pleased with it.  Initial tests went well, and I had occasions where the catapult delivered five rounds into the aquarium in one shot.  Since then, however, I have become less satisfied with the design.  Here are the problems withContinue reading “A New Catapult for Feed the Fish”

Voice Control Taking Shape

I’m a bit late to the voice control party.  But that’s good news because everyone else has done all the hard work.  In particular, Neil Stevenson from Team Dangle has blogged how to install Vosk (https://dangle.blogsyte.com/?p=199) on a Pi.  I copied Neil’s instructions and had a voice control system up and running (on a RPi400)Continue reading “Voice Control Taking Shape”

Line Follower Junction Detection Version 1.

You may recall that we have managed to complete the Up the Garden Path challenge using a mixture of video guidance and odometry (see our blog from the 25th January). The next step in our plan is to remove the utilisation of the odometry.  This requires that the line follower code be changed to understandContinue reading “Line Follower Junction Detection Version 1.”