Good and Really Bad News

It’s been a mixed weekend. First the good news… The good news is that my test on an Archimedes’ screw-based cattle feed delivery system went well.  I’m now printing the remaining parts (a hopper and a chute) to complete the build.  (Actually, that would be half a build; I plan to use two of them.)Continue reading “Good and Really Bad News”

Thoughts on Hungry Cattle

I designed this hopper for the Hungry Cattle game. The door hinges are set at the correct pitch to allow synchronisation by a pair of Lego gears.  A servo would be mounted at the back to drive the doors.  Each hopper is 70mm wide and the plan would be to mount three of them acrossContinue reading “Thoughts on Hungry Cattle”

The Angle of Repose for Dry Rice

I did an experiment. I want to build a path for the cattle feed for Hungry Cattle. I wanted to know the minimum angle the rice path should have (from horizontal) so that the rice would flow reliably. I set up the experiment shown above. To start with the inclined plane (which is a 3DContinue reading “The Angle of Repose for Dry Rice”