Shepherds Pi Update

Earlier in the month I said we were dropping Shepherds Pi in favour of the other autonomous games.  Things have moved on since then… To start with, we finished videos of the other two autonomous games that could be submitted.  I think we will probably attempt new videos of both; we can certainly get themContinue reading “Shepherds Pi Update”

Today must be my lucky day….

It turns out the last year’s feed the fish controller (on the right in the picture), combined with a little microphone preamp board (on the left) that someone bought for my birthday years ago, should work as a whistle detector! I reckon my stars must be aligned or something. I’m off to buy a lotteryContinue reading “Today must be my lucky day….”

Sheep-pen-ator Version 2.

In early May it became clear that our attachment for Shepherds Pi wouldn’t work because the combined length of the robot and attachment was too much to permit a turn within the delivery pen.  So, here is the new version: As you can see, this version can lift the sheep completely above the body ofContinue reading “Sheep-pen-ator Version 2.”

Good and Really Bad News

It’s been a mixed weekend. First the good news… The good news is that my test on an Archimedes’ screw-based cattle feed delivery system went well.  I’m now printing the remaining parts (a hopper and a chute) to complete the build.  (Actually, that would be half a build; I plan to use two of them.)Continue reading “Good and Really Bad News”

Sheep-pen-ator Fails

This is the sheep lift I built for Shepherds Pi. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.  The right-angle drive shown in the highlighted circle (which is made of Lego parts) is used to grip the top of the sheep.  However, the shaft that carries the drive from the servo flexes when too much torque is applied.  ThisContinue reading “Sheep-pen-ator Fails”