Take a look at our Aquarium!

I’m rather proud of our aquarium. Here’s a picture:

iPads need less cleaning than real fish.

It is a 3D printed frame into which you can slot two (or three) iPads.  The red circle on the bottom is a target for the robot to align on.

The outside of the box is the regulation 200mm, but the hole in the top is rather smaller (because of the thickness of the iPads), but I reckon it’s worth it!

It’s a proud Dad moment: my eldest son (who is also the team driver) created a Scratch animation of the fish swimming about.  We then captured video of it running on a PC, did some Python reformatting of the video to make it full screen in portrait mode, then used Giphy.com to convert it into a gif.  We can open the gif in photos app, then the animation cycles forever.  Just the job for doing dozens of takes while trying to get 15 out of 15 shots!

Here’s the gif for your entertainment.

Well fed fish

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